What's it all about?

A dragon boat is a long boat made out of fiberglass or teak. It seats 20 people (2 people per seat), with a drummer at the front and a coxswain (a.k.a. cox) who steers the boat from the back. It’s an excellent aerobic and strength workout.

Dragon Boating dates back nearly 2000 years. The races are a result of the death of Qu Yuan, a philosopher-poet who committed suicide by jumping into a river to protest the corrupt regime of an emperor. The fishermen raced out in their boats to save him, but they were too late.

RBC has had a dragon boat club since 1989, almost since the sport's introduction to Canada. Crews are made up of employees from the branches and various business units of Royal Bank Financial Group. The intent is to build 2 teams each year - one competitive and one developmental - that compete in several regattas each season. The outdoor season typically runs from April to September, but practices generally start in January with running, weight training and paddling alongside an indoor pool.

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