About Our Crews

The RBC Dragon Boat Crew has been in existence for over 20 years – almost since the introduction of the sport to Canada. Our program is made up of two crews, each with specific goals and objectives for the season. Both train together for our indoor sessions and will be split for the on-water season. Once on the water, both crews will practice two nights per week, however each has a distinct training focus. Our program as a whole, includes men and women of all ages, sizes, and levels of physical fitness. Whether you’re an experienced paddler, or have never been in a boat, there’s a crew for you.

The Outer Harbour Royal Dragons

This is our competitive crew. They follow a high-intensity training program, both on the water and a mandatory dry-land component. Minimum attendance required is 75% of all practices, available for all scheduled regattas and training camp(s), and summer vacations schedules must be submitted to the coach prior to on-water training (used for planning purposes). To be a member of this crew, a try-out is required. Those who meet the necessary criteria for attendance, attitude and ability will be selected by the coach to be a member of the Royal Dragons. 

The Outer Harbour Golden Lions

This team is open to all levels of ability and experience. Their mid-to high-intensity training program is focused on fun and development. Once the on-water season starts, there will also be a dry land component available for those wishing to further improve their fitness level. Minimum attendance required is 65% of all practices, available for the training camp(s) plus 75% of all scheduled regattas. No try-out is required for this team, so come out and have fun while getting fit!

Interested in Joining our team?

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